How To Jib 'Urban Style' Features

How To Jib 'Urban Style' Features

So you've got ride-on Boxes and Rails dialled in but now your looking over at all the Urban Style rails with eager eyes. Here's the 101 on building on your rail game to take you to the next level. 

Urban Style features are those which are set up to be hit from the side rather than boxes and rails that can be ridden onto. As most features through the park are set up in this style, learning this skill will open up a world of possibilities.  

(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Getting Jibby Wit' It

Using your Tramp Skis and Jib Bar, you'll be able to start building your confidence, technique and muscle memory before you even get to the park. Nailing the basics from your home is a sure fire way to fast track your learning and hopefully help to bypass any not-so-good hospital bills. 

How To Hit 'Urban Style' Features
You too can look this good!

Getting Started

Before simply throwing down, it's a good idea to get a feel of the fundamentals and build up from there. To get started, step into your Tramp Skis and make sure you're able to land counter rotated 180's on the flat ground with ease.

Then head over to your Jib Bar, put one leg either side and practice jumping onto the bar in this position until you're feeling confident. 

How To Hit 'Urban Style' Features
Getting to grips with the basics

Stepping it Up

All good with that? Now to move onto hitting the bar from the side. Before jumping straight into it, start by stepping onto the bar with one leg at a time. This'll help you get a feel for this motion. 

Holding more weight on the leg furthest from the bar will make it way easier! With one leg on, follow the same step to bring the other leg on. 

How To Hit 'Urban Style' Features
Keep the weight planted through your furthest foot

Rock & Pop

It's time to get yo' pop on and let the real fun start! Hopping straight onto the bar is where this skill will feel like it's really coming together. To achieve this, you'll want to lean forwards slightly before rocking back onto your tails to create an 'Ollie' like motion. This is the move which will be sure to keep your from catching your tips on the Jib Bar/ Rail feature.  

Next challenge is to consistently land with your skis centred across the bar. To be able to land centred, you'll need to travel sideways through pushing off slightly harder with your furthest away foot. 

As you reach the top of the jump, begin to counter rotate your upper and lower body, allowing the skis to point across the bar. Make sure that you're able to hold your balance on the bar, avoiding your tips or tails from hitting the floor. 

How To Hit 'Urban Style' Features
Perfect demonstration of that counter rotation

Tip Top Tip

Patience is a virtue. Rushing the pop, failing to 'Ollie' properly or counter rotating too soon, may cause you to catch your tips on the feature. While there is little chance of being caught on 'Jerry Of The Day' while practicing in your own home, mastering this tip before you hit the park will help to avoid any injury and embarrassment. 

So Close!

With this skill, the end goal is to get you taking off with both skis and landing on the bar or rail at the same time. 

Absorbing the impact while hopping on and off the bar will dramatically help you when it comes to maintaining your balance. To achieve this, practice getting low and flexing your ankles, knees and hips when landing. 

How To Hit 'Urban Style' Features
And there you have it... Go shred!

Taking It To Snow

Through the park, each feature has a different entrance path meaning you may need to adjust your distance from the rail when jumping on.

To make things as realistic as possible while learning, practice with the Jib Bar by jumping on from different distances. Become a true master through practicing this skill using both sides of the bar.

Now that you're looking and feeling pro, start getting creative with it and find your signature style. Loving jib features in the park? Be sure to check out more of our tutorials such as 'How To 270 Into Features' and take one step closer to becoming the ultimate jib crackerjack!

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