Common Mistakes With Switch Take-Off's

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-Off's

It's a new year and therefore it's the perfect time to fill up on some of Dean's Top Tips to ensure your 2020 vision becomes a reality! Catching the inside edge while skiing switch has got to be one of the most common mistakes out there that people make when skiing. That's why this month, we're focusing in on how you can improve this when hitting Switch features!

(Narrating/Riding: Dean Bercovitch Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Identifying The Issue

So why do you keep catching an edge in the first place? The likeliest answer to this issue is that you have your inside knee rolled too far inwards causing your ski to also be on the inside edge. 

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-Off's
As Dean Throws This Switch 1, His Inside Ski Catches An Edge.

Fixing The Knee

Now that you know what is causing the catch, lets do the opposite to fix this! Roll your inside knee outwards, to help bring your ski onto the outside edge, creating more of a buttery turn. 

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-offs
Roll It Out

Practice Makes Perfect 

Now that you know this, save yourself a few bails and dial in this feeling on the groomers before heading straight back into your next park feature. 

Find a big open and groomed area on the hill and start by just rolling from edge to edge to edge while skiing in switch. Pay attention how your knee might not naturally want to roll to the outside while turning.

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-offs
Dial This In On A Groomer First!

Once this feeling of switch carving feels like second nature to you, step it up a notch and start skiing switch over rollers with a little pop to 180 as you ski over it. 

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-offs
Step It Up By Practicing A Switch 1 Over A Roller.

If you feel like you're now able to butter that edge around without catching your edge, it's time to give it a try over a small feature. Small side hits through the park, where consequences are low are an awesome place to start hitting take-offs in Switch.

Common Mistakes With Switch Take-offs
Find A Small Side-Hit To First Try This On.

Mastered this already? Maybe it's time to perfect another playful and versatile skill to throw all over the mountain; The Slash

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