About Ski Addiction

Ski Addiction is a rider owned and operated company based out of Whistler, British Columbia. Ski Addiction was started in 2012 and provides the worlds best freestyle ski tutorials. Now, Ski Addiction is preparing for the release of the worlds best ski training product, the Tramp Training Ski's and Bindings. These training products are set to revolutionize the way skiers train and make your time training more effective, realistic and a hellovalotta' fun!

Our head coach Ahren Stein is an Ontario native who moved to Whistler in 2011 in search of bigger mountains and deeper snow.  Like so many others that move to Whistler, he hasn't left.  

Ahren has competed in many national and international competitions such as The Canadian Shield, The North Face Open, and The Vermont Open.  After retiring from the competition scene, he began coaching.  He has coached for Provincial level ski teams and on the Blackcomb glacier in the summer.  

Ski Addiction Mission:

“To provide the world's best ski tutorial videos and freestyle ski training products.”

Money Back Guarantee! 

We are so proud of what we do that we have a 120% money back guarantee. If you don’t learn something that dramatically improves your riding. We’ll refund your money and pay you 20% extra for giving it a try!

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We would love to hear your feedback on any of our videos, training products or our business model. Please email us anytime at info@skiaddiction.com.

We are dedicated to you! Thanks for your support.

Ski Addiction