How To Wallie With Magnus Granér

How To Wallie With Magnus Granér

How's your new wave skiing shaping up? Avoid your ski progression from 'hitting the wall' by aiming your skis directly at it! In this tutorial, Magnus is taking you through the Wallie to give you some extra spice to your jib game.  

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(Narrating/Riding: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér. Filming/Editing: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér.)

What's a Wallie?

A Wallie is where you get brief contact on a surface by hitting your noses into something in order to get an extra pop. It can be pretty intimidating to smash your noses directly into a feature, but you just have to trust your skis! Start out small on easier features with brief taps, you'll soon be amazed by what those guys up front are capable of doing. 

How To Wallie
"Smash" - Nice Wallie There Magnus!

(Em)brace It.

Getting your body position spot on is crucial for this one. If your legs are too relaxed or spread apart, you'll find your skis separating as you smash your noses into the feature. If you spread your legs when trying this trick, you're going to have a bad time!

How To Wallie
Keep those legs strong and together!

As you ride into the feature, hold a neutral, strong position with your legs close together, tensed and knees bent. As your noses hit the wall, you'll want to follow the Wallie's motion by extending your body position with a slight pop and releasing your weight off the front of the skis. 

How To Wallie
See how Magnus is braced for the Wallie.

Lets Get To It

As mentioned, to gain maximum confidence in the ability of your skis, it's good to start small by scouting out features which don't require you to smash your noses too hard. Find a feature which you can almost naturally ride over but which will require a small amount of contact with the skis in order to get over.

How To Wallie
Start small and work your Wallie's up.

As you become more confident with this, it's really time to step it up a notch. Search out features which have more of a wall which you'll really need to smash your noses into in order to get that pop.

How To Wallie
The Bigger the wall, the more you need to brace and follow the Wallie!

Once you have this down, take this skill to ride-on features, adding even more flare to your rail game. Using the same body position as mentioned above, find a rail with a dug in entrance to practice this on. As you start to feel more confident, you can increase your pop by extending your body out of the Wallie in order to start gapping the first section of rail - Pretty steezy eh?

How To Wallie
Now it's time for the ride-on features.

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