How To 270 Into Features

How To 270 Into Features

In this tutorial we’re going to teach you how to 270 into boxes and rails. These steps will improve your park game and put you on your way to many other advanced jib tricks. 

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler)

Before trying a 270, make sure you’re comfortable sliding both ways and can land a 360's on command. Being good at 360’s will really help with your 270’s on and make them feel and look clean.

Flat Box

Find yourself a box with a little bit of a gap onto it. Since you're going to be spinning onto the feature, a ride-on style feature will not be good to learn on. When performing a 270, you’ll want to approach the box with more speed than you would for a straight slide. This will give you more time in the air, allowing you to rotate 270 degrees instead of just 90.

270 InThis is an example of a great feature to start on.

Ride up to the box with your hands in front, pop up off the lip with enough rotation to get the 270 around. When spinning onto the feature, keep your sights on it below your skis. This way you'll know exactly when you’re going to land onto the feature.

270 In
Eyes on the prize.

Trick Tip: Once you’re on the box, look towards the end of the feature. Skiers often slip out their first time trying a 270 on, because they're not sure where to look once on the feature. So be very conscious on keeping your balance between your feet and your eyes on the prize to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Down Box

Once you’ve got it locked on a flat box, try it onto a down box or tube. For urban style features you need to make sure that you pop enough to have your tips clear the feature. Once your skis have cleared the feature, spot it and land on it.

270 In
Get enough height to clear the feature.

Scissoring is an important skill when trying to learn higher level tricks. You can practice it by trying to do a 270 onto a rail then landing and riding out switch.

Down Rail

Once you're confident on a down box, move to a down rail. The technique is the exact same but the rail will be more difficult because it has a smaller surface area and you will slide faster. Push yourself to try bigger, scarier features and your skiing will explode in no time!

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