How To Hit Boxes & Rails

How To Hit Boxes & Rails

Today we're going to be learning how to slide on flat boxes and flat rails.

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler)


To start off, find a wide box with a ride-on style jump, it'll be something low to the ground with minimal risk. Find a drop in point that will allow you to carry enough speed to get all the way across the feature. Ride up to the box and just ski across it with your feet about shoulder width apart. This is called a 50-50. Do this a few times to get a feel of the speed and how your skis ride on the box. 

Boxes & RailsThe perfect feature to start on.

Once you're comfortable with the 50-50, try to swivel your skis sideways while you're on the box. This will give you the feeling of sliding on the box sideways without having to do a jump turn. Perform this swivel using counter rotation, by turning your skis sideways and your upper body in the opposite direction. 

Boxes & RailsNow that's counter rotation!

Next, you'll want to learn to jump turn 90 degrees onto the box. This can be intimidating at first so try it standing in place with your skis off. Once you've go this dialled, put your skis on and see how it feels with the extra weight. When you feel comfortable, try it for real. 


On a rail, you have to be more conscious of your edging than on a box. You want your back foot to be completely flat with your front foot controlling your slide. If you find yourself falling off one way or another, it's best to just go with it instead of trying to correct it. Some of the biggest falls come from trying to turn something out of nothing. 

Boxes & RailsBack ski flat with the leading ski controlling speed.

These are the basic techniques to boxes and rails. Practice these and you'll be doing bigger tricks in no time. 

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