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Jib Series

This Jib Series is designed as a progression plan for skiers of any skill level. Whether you're sliding your first rail, or trying to master the technique of a more advanced trick like a 270 in, this jib series has it all! Use this progression series as a guide to see where you're at with your skiing and where you can take it!  

Episode 1

Jib Series Intro

Episode 2

Getting Comfortable

Episode 3 

Getting On The Jib Bar

Episode 4 

Sliding A Rail To Forward

Episode 5 

Sliding A Rail To Switch

Episode 6 

Lip Slides To Forward

Episode 7 

Lip Slides To Switch

Episode 8 

Switch Lip Slides 

Episode 9 

Switch Tails On

Episode 10 

All Take Off Positions 

Episode 11

Gripping & Scissoring 

Episode 12

Frontside Switch Up

Episode 13

Backside Switch Up

Episode 14 

Switch Up Progression

Episode 15 

Frontside 270 Out

Episode 16 

Backside 270 Out

Episode 17 

Advanced 270's Out

Episode 18 


Episode 19 


Episode 20


Episode 21 

Ray Charles

Episode 22 

270 In

Episode 23

Lip 270 In

Episode 24

Switch Lip 270 In

Episode 25

Switch Tails 270 In

Episode 26

Advanced 270's In

Episode 27


Episode 28

Pretzelling Progression

Episode 29


Episode 30

Nose Press

Episode 31

Back Slide

Episode 32

Fast Slide

Episode 33

Slides With Grabs

Episode 34

360 Switch Up (Backside)

Episode 35

360 Switch Up (Frontside)

Episode 36

450's Out

Episode 37