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Tramp Skis

Improve your style and muscle memory for grabs, spins, flips and corks, winter and summer with our trampoline training skis

Jump Better

Jib Bar

The fastest way to improve your presses, stalls, adn slides on days you can't shred park.

Jib Like A Pro


Want to hear what the pros think about our gear?

Thibault Magnin


"My favourite feature of the skis is that you just wear your socks like usual, strap into the skis and you're ready to go! The Tramp Skis have definitely helped my confidence for my tricks and rotations. You just do the tricks over and over with the skis then when you get on the hill, you stomp it!"

Max Henault

Maximise Training Centre

"I would say these are the best trampoline skis in the world. They are super light and are a good flex. They are really comfortable to jump with because they have quite a curved profile which means they flex with the bed of the tramp to make a super smooth bounce. It actually doesn't feel like you have skis on your feet! You can do all the grabs and tweaks so it really looks like you are skiing!"

Edouard Therriault


"I really like the Tramp Skis as they help me to dial in new tricks and get the grab. With the Jib Bar, I can learn new spins at home in my free time. It's the way to go!"

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