How To Screamin' & Grab Variations

How To Screamin' & Grab Variations

This tutorial right here is exactly what the Tramp Skis are for, learning the scariest tricks in a safe environment. A Screamin' Semen is arguably one of the scariest tricks in skiing because you cross your skis over one another so they're on the opposite side they should be, then untangling them to land normally. This trick pretty much goes against everything we're taught in skiing, but damm is it cool! Learn it now with this tutorial.

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(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Airhouse)


To do a Screamin' Semen, you want to make sure you have Air Kicks or Daffy’s locked down.

Getting The Technique

  1. Stand still somewhere you can hold onto a wall for balance and stand on one foot.
  2. Take your other foot and reach it forward to be able to clear your reached out tail over the ski you’re standing on.
  3. Then bring your reached out foot to the other side of your planted foot and put it on the ground. You should be awkwardly twisted up in your Screamin' semen position now.
  4. Unwind by pulling your leg back forward to clear your tail over your planted ski.
Screamin' Semen PositionDean demonstrating how your ski's should be positioned in the air.

It's All In The Uncross

Bringing yourself back from the Screamin' is the most important aspect of this trick and needs to be comfortable to avoid getting caught up. If the motion scares you, try it without the skis first.

  1. Jump high and kick one foot forward and the other back to give some extra space for your tips to cross over.
  2. Focus on throwing your front foot’s tail over you back foot’s nose as quickly as you can and bring it back.
  3. Once you’ve done this once, start trying to hold the Screamin' position for longer once you're crossed up in the air for some style.

Scremin' Nose

A Screamin' Nose is when you grab the nose of the topside leg of a Screamin' as you pull it over your other ski to get into your Screamin' Semen position. It can be held through the whole thing or be let go once you get into Screamin'.

Screamin' Semen NoseThe Screamin' Nose.

Screamin' Japan

A Screamin' Japan is when you get into your Screamin' Semen and then reach down to your underside leg. Grab the inside edge of that ski and then come back to a normal untwisted landing.

Screamin' Semen JapanThe Screamin' Japan.

Genie Grab

The famous Genie grab is when you get into the Screamin' and reach down like the Screamin' Japan but continue past your foot to grab the outside edge like a Taipan.

Genie GrabDean cranking out a Genie.

Dub Genie 

One of the gnarliest grabs out there is the Dub Genie. Get into your Screamin' position and grab Genie, then grab the other ski with the hand that’s free on the outside edge.

Dub GenieAnd now for the Dub Genie.

Now that you know how to Screamin' Semen, get creative and try tweaking them in different ways! For even more great ski tutorials, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

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