How To Misty 900

How To Misty 900

With any basic axis, there are many spin variations. When it comes to Misty 900s, there are two ways to execute it. The first is to keep adding spin after setting the Misty axis to the end of the trick. The other is to add spin before getting into the Misty axis. This tutorial will focus on the spin-in method for the Misty 900.

(Narrating/Skiing: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Airhouse Squamish)


For this trick you want to be confident in your:

  • 900s
  • Misty 5s
  • Cork 7s

Warming Up

Begin by warming up your Misty 5 progressions being conscious of stalling your set and spotting the centre before wrapping into the axis. It's almost like a Superman set.

How To Misty 900Kali spotting the centre of the tramp before wrapping around the Misty axis.

Vision Trick Tip

Once you build up to the 900, you should be able to spot the trampoline twice before landing on your back. First on take off, and again after the first 360. You are basically doing a Misty 630 drop to a 270 roll-out making an even 900.


To work towards a Misty 9 to feet, build off the progression. Using a mat or a garden tramp, instead of landing in backdrop, over rotate to your side. It’s important you land in a closed body position looking towards the tramp.

How To Misty 900Keeping an open body indicates the possibility to getting lost and spinning out.

The Full 900

Build up your confidence and go for the full 900. The first 630 should be set in an open body position with the last 270 closing into the Misty. Increase your height to manipulate the speed of rotation. Always making sure you spot the center of the tramp twice before the Misty and a third time into the landing.

Tramp Skis

Strap on the Tramp Skis and go back to the progression. The weight of the skis drastically changes the speed of the rotation. You’ll need to sustain a very tight core in order to carry the Tramp Skis through the first 630.

How To Misty 900If you’re upper and lower body are at all disconnected, the skis will work against the spin.

Wrapping It Up!

If you have the progression consistently, build confidence and add height! Commitment is key. Set strong, wrap hard and spot your way through, utilizing the Safety grab to help you get the Misty 9 around!

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