How To Tony & Octo Grab

How To Tony & Octo Grab

Tweaking and poking basic grabs create stylish looking tricks, and there are a tonne of them out there! Having a trampoline to jump on is awesome because you can get hundreds of jumps in to practise all these different grabs in a day, then take the time to find the tweak and style you’re looking for.

Tweaking grabs is awesome but the key is being flexible, as this will help you as you move on to really tweaked out grabs, like the Tony & Octo. These two tweaked out grabs will test your flexibility but don't worry, with this tutorial and our Tramp Skis, you will have them dialled in no time!

(Narrating/Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

The Tony

Start with a Mute grab. Now, while you're in the air switch hands on it. This is known as an Overhook, Tony or Wal Mute.

The TonyMay we present... The Tony

The best way to complete this grab is by:

  1. Grabbing Safety and tweaking it by pushing your heel down and pulling the ski towards your body
  2. Then pushing the nose of the ski over the other one so they cross like a Mute

The other way to do a Tony is:

  1. Pull in your legs and let your skis cross as though you were going to do a Mute grab
  2. Instead of grabbing opposite hand to opposite ski like a Mute, reach down, across and over your legs with the same side hand as the ski you’re grabbing, to grab the outer edge
  3. Then pull it further for more style!

Play with both of these methods for the Tony grab and see which one works best for you.

The Octo

In order to get the Octo, you must have a solid Tony and Tail grab. 

  1. Start by grabbing Tony
  2. If you tweak a Tony grab hard you’ll notice that your other hand is close to the tail of the ski that’s not grabbed. Simply grab that Tail at the same time as your Tony and you have an Octo grab!
The OctoAnd now... The Octo

Once you have both hands on, see how tweaked you can get it by pushing your hands towards each other and getting your knees all twisted up. It all comes down to the flexibility in your knees!

There you go! Two more advanced grabs to get dialled on your Tramp Skis so you are ready to shred on the hill!

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