How To Bio 540

How To Bio 540

It’s common to confuse a Bio 540 with a Misty 540. The difference between them is that one is an off-axis trick while the other is non-inverted spin. In a Bio 5, your head and shoulders are above your hips at all time, whereas in a Misty 5 they are perfectly aligned at horizontal. 

That's just the first tip in this How To Bio 540 tutorial! Keep reading for the full progression to learn this trick on the tramp with Tramp Skis, so you can confidently take it to the mountain!

If you're wondering what a Misty 540 looks like, check out that tutorial here!

(Skier/Narrating: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed at: Whistler Bounce)

Warming Up To The Bio 540

Warm up on the tramp with seat drops, 540’s, and some Misty 5’s with the skis off. To learn the Bio 5 progression, begin facing towards the centre of the tramp. You are essentially going to do a 270 spin to that seat drop position with your legs landing sideways.

How To Bio 540The seat drop landing position you should be in.

Be sure that your shoulders don’t drop in line with your hips, this would be a Misty Axis.

Next Step, The 270 Rollout

When you have those consistently, you can dial down the 270 roll out. Using a 270 seat drop as the set use these steps when you rebound:

  1. Look over your shoulder towards the set spin direction and spot the centre of the tramp
  2. As your feet come into the landing, look towards the end of the trampoline, again landing the opposite way you started

Time To Bring Out The Mat

For the next step, you’ll want to be on a garden tramp or have a mat running perpendicular to the centre. Standing in front of the mat, set a Bio progression. However, instead of landing in seat drop, you want to continue to spin to the hand and knee position. Ideally, you want land 45 degrees shy of the full 540.

How To Bio 540Kalissa spinning the 540 onto the mat.

Bio 5 To Feet!

Get comfortable with that progression. When you feel you are ready, jump a little higher and go for the full Bio 5 to your feet! For your first few attempts land in a stop bounce. When you are certain you have a solid Bio, you can add a controlled rebound.

Tramp Ski Time

You want to be absolutely confident in your Bio 5 before you have a go with the Tramp Skis strapped in!

How To Bio 540Kali mid Bio 5!

Unfortunately, because the progression lands in a seat drop, you won’t be able to backtrack through the steps with the skis on. Grabbing Safety will help you pull through the axis and play around with speed of rotation.

See, the Bio 5 isn't too hard hey! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments and we'll help you improve your skiing.

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