How To Jump, Swoop, Swerve With Magnus Graner

How To Jump, Swoop, Swerve With Magnus Graner

Get ready for this one ladies and gents because Magnus Graner is ready to give you the 101 on how to add style to your skiing with the Jump Swoop Swerve! This Magnus original, is one that is worth learning and will make your run in to features that little bit more creative. 

(Narrating/Riding: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér. Filming/Editing: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér.)

What Is The Jump Swoop Swerve??

The Jump Swoop Swerve, as Magnus has named it, is a super stylish and fun new wave skill. The trick involves popping from your nose to tail with a Shifty in between and back again. Playing with the Jump Swoop Swerve is also an amazing way to practice your control and balance while over your noses and tails!

How To Jump Swoop Swerve
Popping from tip to tail.


Before trying to learn the Jump Swoop Swerve, there are a couple a key skills that you should get comfortable with first. Learning how to Ollie and Nollie will teach you how to get your weight over your tails and noses as well as how to pop off of them. 

Knowing how to properly Shifty is another must do before diving into the Jump Swoop Swerve! This trick uses the same counter-rotation as needed to throw Shifty's and so, mastering this feeling first will help you to integrate it into the pivot with ease. 

Jump Or Swoop?

Lets start by 'Swooping' off your noses first! Find an open flat area and start off this trick while stationary to help learn the weight movements. This Swoop off your noses can easily be broken down into three steps, check it:

  • 1) Lean your torso over the noses of your skis until your tails begin to lift off the snow.
  • 2) Using your noses, initiate a pivot through extending your back upwards and through using the counter-rotation that you learned when shifty-ing.
  • 3) Finally, once you have counter rotated your skis out to roughly 90 degrees, push your hips forward to pop off the noses and shift your weight backwards so that you land on your tails.
How To Jump Swoop Swerve
Lean your weight over the front, pivot and pop! Easy.

So now you're in a counter rotated position with your skis pointing sideways, what's next? After landing with your weight over the tails, this is where you will want to reverse exactly everything that you have just done! Lets break it down:

  • 1) Continue leaning back into your tails until your tips start to raise off the snow.
  • 2) Using your tails this time, initiate the pivot by reversing the counter-rotation in your body so that your upper and lower body are brought back in line.
  • 3) Once you have brought your body to be facing in a straight line again, pop from your tails and push that weight forwards again and repeat from the top!
How To Jump Swoop Swerve
Get on those tails and pivot again!

Initially, it may be difficult to pop straight from your tips to tails and that's fine. Start slow and keep practicing until you're able to jump between your swoop's like a BOSS! 

Now that you've mastered the basics of the Jump Swoop Swerve, it's time to get creative and have fun with it!  

How To Jump Swoop Swerve
The Jump Swoop Swerve is great to do onto boxes and rails!

Gaining Speed

As you go faster you'll find that you'll need to switch up your technique a little. At this point the motion is closer to throwing a Nollie Shifty, landing on your inside edges sideways and then swivelling back to forwards.

How To Jump Swoop Swerve
Beast Swoop mode engaged!

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