How To Shifty & Zero Spin

How To Shifty & Zero Spin

Shifties are essentially a styled out straight air. They change a spins rotation, can style out grabs and look sweet on their own. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to Shifty, then apply that to the mega stylish, Zero Spin. Get ready for your skiing to go to the next level!

(Narrating/Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

What's A Shifty?

A Shifty is when you’re counter rotated in the air and have your upper body one way, and you’re lower the other.

Shifty & Zero SpinIt's a good idea to play with your straight airs and switch jumps before getting into Shifties.

The First Step

Hop on the tramp to get the feeling of Shifties down. Place your hands straight in front of you and look forward at the end of the tramp. For a left side Shifty, rotate your hip and feet to the left, and your arms and shoulders to the right.

Shifty & Zero SpinDo this a few times in a row so it feels easy.

Try some where you land counter rotated at 90*, feeling the twist through your core. Then bounce back to your forward stance.

The Second Step

Now give it a try in one bounce. Oh and hot tip: You may need some extra air to make it clean.

In One BounceBounce after bounce, get the Shifty locked in.

The Third & Final Step

It’s now time to give it a try with the Tramp Skis on. Break the Shifties into two bounces again, doing the same counter rotation you did without the skis then progressing to one bounce.

Shifty & Zero SpinPulling in your legs or kicking out your feet like a donkey kick to change up the style.

The Zero Spin

If you now do all this taking off Switch and landing Switch it is called a Zero Spin. Once again, break the Shifty into two bounces to get the feeling of this trick. Jump Switch looking over your right shoulder, rotate your upper body to the left and your lower to the right. Then back again.

Zero Spin ProgressionsPractice a few times until you feel comfortable. And make sure you try it over your left shoulder.

Now that you've got all the fundamentals, it's time to have fun with your Shifties and Zero Spins! Try pushing it past 90 degrees as much as you can for extra style. Or explore the endless variations for Shifties, like pulling your legs in, extending your legs out, from forward or switch take offs, left or right, before or after a grab and even in flips.

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