How To Frontflip

How To Frontflip

Frontflips are extremely stylish and almost guaranteed to turn heads in the park. Much like Backflips, they are actually really easy once you get the hang of it.

If you can't get to the hill to try out your Frontflips, grab a pair of our Tramp Training Skis and send it anywhere, anytime!

The Best Way To Learn The Frontflip

Just like with almost every other trick in skiing, you want to make sure your body knows what it is doing before trying the Frontflip. Use this progression to ensure you are ready and are safely trying the Frontflip

  1. Trampoline. This is the best place to first start learning your Frontflips. They give you tonnes of air time, and with a throw mat, are very safe.
  2. Diving Board. Next, take it to a diving board. Here it is a little bit tougher as you will need to have better technique to get the rotation down.
  3. Water Ramps or an Airbag. Now we know not a lot a skiers get the chance to hit these, but if you can they are a great way to get the feeling with your skis on, without the consequences.
  4. Into Pow. Once you've got the above 3 dialled, it's time to send it into pow! Use the exact same technique but now you're dealing with minimal risk.
  5. On A Kicker. AKA the real deal. Make sure you have the Frontflip technique dialled because that landing will come up quick. 
There you go, all the steps you need to start dialling in the Frontflip! Get this bad boy into yoru trick bag and watch the heads turn! If you have any questions about your Frontflips, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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