How To Switch 720

How To Switch 720

Time to step it up a notch and learn how to Switch 720. Despite being an advanced spin that is taking off from a switch stance, with the steps outlined in this tutorial you will be able to start throwing them on the trampoline with ease. Once you've got them on the trampoline, you'll then be sweet to start trying them on snow.

(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

The Basis

Switch 720’s come down to a strong switch take off and a flawless 540. To start, begin with a switch 360 into a switch 360 with a couple bounces between them. Switch your head over your shoulder between the spins so you’re facing your spin direction.

Switch 720 Progressions
If you can do it easily, try it one immediately after the other.

Other Progressions

Being able to do your switch 540’s and switch 540’s with variations, like grabs and extra height will make learning switch 720’s easier. 540 Shifty’s are also great to have under your belt also because it means you can swing around a late 180 using a Shifty.

Regular 540Don't forget to add style.

Step 1

To work on what you see in a switch 720, try a 3 bounce exercise where you do a switch 180, then a 360, then a 180 to switch. You should see one point for the entire switch 180, then lose it for the 360, and see it all again for the last 180.

The beginning to the middle of a switch 720 is the scary part because it’s the most blind part of the trick. Get past that and the last part is smooth sailing, you can see it all.

Next Step

To take the progression a little further, try a Switch 180 into a regular 540 then a Switch 540 into a 180. Really focus on where you’re looking, your full extension and elbow drive on take off to add more power.

Switch 720 Progressions
This is the Switch 180 into a regular 540.

The Final Step

Moving into the Switch 720, put it all together. From your strong staggered switch stance, get that full leg extension while opening your shoulders and spotting your chosen point.

The Switch 720If you come up short at first that’s fine, just keep focusing on your take off and spotting at 540 so you can fit in that last 180. 

And that's it, you can Switch 720. Once she is feeling comfortable on the trampoline take it to the hill and watch the jaws splatter the floor.

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