How To Misty 720

How To Misty 720

Once you’ve got the baseline foundation of a Misty axis mastered, adding spin to it is relatively easy. In this tutorial, we will be teaching you the progression from our previous Misty tutorials on to the Misty 720. You can check out all our other Misty tutorials here:

(Narrating/Skiing: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Airhouse)

Misty Progressions

Remember those Misty progressions? Warm them up without the Tramp Skis on first and be sure to set before a full Misty 540 progression landing to face the opposite way you started. On take off, ensure you spot the centre of the trampoline.

How To Misty 720Because this trick works against the lip of the jump, you’ll need a very big isolated set before rolling into the Misty drop.

Breaking It Down

  1. Start by adding 90 degrees on top of the roll-out towards your set spin direction
  2. Add the second 90 degrees onto the roll out until you land facing the same way you started the progression.

It helps to kick your feet towards the spin direction off your backdrop to get the extra power on the roll-out. Now you’ve completed the full Misty 7 progression.

Stay Standing

When you’re ready, repeat the same step but all on your feet this time. Start with a Misty 540 to a jump 180. Add the extra 90 degrees at your own pace until you’ve completed the full Misty 7!

Trick Tip: Again, remember to spot the centre of the tramp on take off with a big set, then let your vision follow through the axis.

Add The Tramp Skis

Once this trick is natural for you have a go at the Misty 7 with the Tramp Skis on. The extra weight of the skis and being able to add grabs, makes this super similar to Misty 720s on the hill.

How To Misty 720When you’ve got a solid Safety grab, start adding different grab variations.

Key Notes

  • Remember that on snow, a Misty 7 works against the lip requiring extra emphasis on the take-off
  • To make this trick even more realistic, add travel to the Misty 7. Set forward off your toes and drive your setting arm in front of you to create forward travel.

Generate more and more travel with each attempt, add more and more height every time and play around with different grab variations so you get the Misty 7 truly dialled.

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