How To Switch Rodeo 540

How To Switch Rodeo 540

If you’ve got Misty’s dialled, you’re laughing! The Switch Rodeo 540 is essentially the sister trick to the Misty.

To peep that tutorial, check it out here:

(Narrating/Riding: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

So Then, What's The Difference?

The only difference is the orientation in which the trick is set on snow. Instead of a forward rotating 540 travelling forward. Switch Rodeo is set in the switch position making it a backwards travelling 540.

How To Switch Rodeo 540See how Kali is setting up to take off Switch. Think of it as a gainer Misty.

Training On The Tramp

Start with your feet staggered with your back leg and hip open towards the direction of the spin. It's important to keep your vision spotting downhill imagining you're riding switch. 

Jumping in this switch position, set the misty progression keeping your vision downhill trying to travel as little as possible.

How To Switch Rodeo 540The set up position for the Switch Rodeo 540.

Go For It

When you’ve gotten accustomed to stance and vision change, go for a Switch Rodeo 540 to feet. Do a bunch of these until you are confident adding height.

If you’re finding it’s difficult to jump high in the switch position, feel free to jump normally, and when you are ready, do a jump 180 in the opposite direction than the Switch Rodeo.

Adding Travel

Another technique to making the Switch Rodeo more realistic is to add travel towards the direction this trick is naturally set. Poke your hips back on take off and push through your heels to promote a backwards travel. When you’re feeling confident, repeat this with the Switch Rodeo to your feet.

How To Switch Rodeo 540Send it.

Each time jump higher than the last and add more and more travel. Pop on the Tramp Skis when you're certain you’ve got this technique down as this will give you a feel for how this trick will realistically translate on snow.

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