How To Misty 540

How To Misty 540

A Misty 540 is simply an off-axis 540 spin rotating forwards. We have previously touched on the progressions, so in this tutorial we will be teaching you how to stomp the Misty 540.

This is step two in our Misty Progressions series. If you're looking for step numero uno, check it out here.

(Narrating/Riding: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Warm Up

Warm up Misty progressions with the skis on. Set forward first before spinning 90 degrees to your back drop, landing with your body laying sideways with the tramp. As you come off your back, roll out 90 degrees landing the opposite way you started.

Misty 540Use the tips of your skis off back drop to help you roll out of the axis.

The Next Step

For the next progression you’ll want to use a mat. Place a mat sideways on the tramp, repeat the Misty Drop without the skis and instead of setting a Misty Drop to your back, over rotate to your side, being sure your vision stays fixed on the mat beside you.

Misty 540Repeat this step making sure you keep your core tight through the rotation.

Next, add a bit of height and set past your side landing in a doggy drop position 45 degrees less than the full 540 completed Misty.

The Next Step After That

When you’re ready, get fired up and set a Misty 540 straight to your feet. Make sure you send it a bit harder and add a bit height to your jump. When setting the trick, spot the center of the tramp on take off and engage your core through the axis.

Misty 540See how Kali is spotting the centre of the tramp. Keep focused on that point throughout the entire trick.

When you come around for the landing, your eyes should first spot the center of the tramp then when you bring your chest up, eyes are forward. On skis, this trick would land switch, so looking up towards the knuckle on your landing is crucial to stomping this trick.

The Next Step That You Should Remember

Keep practicing those Misty’s and remember, they are never inverted. Halfway through the Misty, you should be in that backdrop position. If your butt is higher than your head half way through, it is technically a Frontflip 180. If your butt is below your head, it is a Bio 540.

The Next Step With The Tramp Skis

When you’re ready, pop on the Tramp Skis. Start first with the misty progression because it is important to feel how the weight of your skis affect the axis.

Misty 540Grabbing Safety will help you carry the weight of your skis through the misty axis and is a good beginner grab to get dialled down with this trick.

The Next Step: Putting It To Bolts

To set the Misty to your feet with the Tramp Skis, make sure you are jumping high enough to clear the tips. Once you grab Safety, pull the grab through the rotation to help you clear your skis on the landing.

Misty 540

BOOM! Your Misty 540 is now on lock. But to keep challenging yourself, change up the grabs but be aware that different grabs have a different effect on not only how the trick is set, but also, how it pulls through the axis. Have fun!

This tutorial was filmed with the Tramp Ski Package. Grab your pair here:

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