How To 540 & 720

How To 540 & 720

Once you get 360's and Switch 360's on medium park jumps down, you'll naturally want to push yourself and do bigger tricks. In this tutorial, we're going to teach you how to do 540's and 720's. 

(Narrating/Riders: Dave Weale & Brendan Reed)

Before trying these spins, you should be comfortable riding switch, hitting medium-large jumps and be able to do 180's and 360's. 

The Key To Bigger Spins

The key techniques for nailing these bigger spins are:

  • Edging
  • Wind up
  • Pop
  • Timing
  • Spotting your landing
  • Riding away clean (obviously)

Start on your "go to medium jump" or find a large jump and get used to the speed and landing with some straight airs, 180's and 360's. Although large jumps look intimidating, they allow you more time in the air to get the rotation. Don't worry about grabs when your first learning these spins. 


The setup for 5's and 7's is the same as a 360. Use your edges as you come up the jump to create both grip in the snow and a platform to push off from. These movements will create momentum for your spin. You can do this either with a straight approach or carving.

When carving into it, your line of entry comes into play. You need to do a set up carve so that you are still going straight off the jump.

540 & 720
Edge control is key for setting your rotation.

When approaching straight, use a wide stance as this will naturally put pressure on your inside edges.

Wind Up

At the bottom of the take off, wind up your body using your arms and shoulders. As you go up the lip, release your wind up to create momentum for your spin.

540 & 720
Release the wind up at the lip.

The bigger you want to spin, the more wind up is needed.


A strong pop will allow you to spin faster and smoother. Time your pop so that your legs are fully extended right as you leave the lip. Keep your skis parallel and leading forward when you leave the jump.

540 & 720
Parallel skis in the direction of travel.

Avoid turning your skis away from the direction of travel as you are at the takeoff of the jump, it may lead to catching an edge which is definitely not a good thing. 


Bigger spins require better timing and more precision as you leave the lip of the jump. Your rotation starts with your arms and shoulders and follows through with your hips and lower body. These are the movements you will need to use as you leave the jump.

540 & 720It's all about the timing.

Spotting Your Landing

During a 540, you will be able to spot you landing fairly early. The landing will come into view at about a 270 and you'll be able to see it the rest of the way. Once you spot the landing, keep your eyes on it and allow your body to rotate the rest of the 540. 

540 & 720
Allow your body to keep rotating as you spot your landing.

For a 720, you will see the landing briefly after the first 360. Don't look at it too long as it may slow down your rotation. Once you spot the landing after the 2nd 360, be ready to stomp it and ride away clean. 


540's and 720's take a considerable amount of coordination so make sure you have all of the prerequisites nailed before trying these. 

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