Jumping & Switch Jumping

Jumping & Switch Jumping

Learning to ride Switch, or ski backwards on your skis, is the key to learning about three-quarters of the tricks in skiing. So it's fair to say that switch skiing and jumping is an important skill to have! 

In this tutorial we are going to break down the fundamentals to jumping and turning that into switch jumping. We then show you how you can incorporate this into your training on our brand new ski training product, the Tramp Skis. While our pre-order price is up, jump on a pair now before we sell out of our first batch.

(Narrating/Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed at Whistler Bounce)

Switch Jumping

There are 3 ways you can complete Switch jumps on skis:

  • Take off forward and land Switch
  • Take off Switch and land forward
  • Take off Switch, land Switch

Starting Without Skis

Make sure you start without the Tramp Skis on to get comfortable. Having a strong pop is the key to all tricks, whether that be forward or switch. The best way to make your takeoff efficient before before trying trick is to use the below techniques.

1. Keep your feet just under shoulder width apart for balance. Look at the end of the trampoline for orientation and keep a tight, rigid and stacked body to help with your stability. 

Basic PositionBeing stacked is all about having your weight centered over your feet.

2. Now that you have this position, it's all about how to get that pop, snap and lift. It all comes down to pushing down and off the tramp bed with a full leg extension at it's lowest point.

Extending Your Toes

3. Pointing your toes will help you get higher quicker. Bring your hands up just after the bed begins to rise as this will help you get that little extra kick.

Tramp Ski Safety

When jumping with the Tramp Skis, the main difference is the toes. You do not want to point your toes while you have the Tramp Skis on.

Keep Skis FlatAlways keep the Tramp Skis flat!

Tramp Skis ON!

Switch bouncing requires you to have your skis facing one way and your head facing the other, which can feel uncomfortable. The lead change is what makes it all feel less twisted up.

Basic Switch PositionGet your skis into this position for Switch jumping.

Place one foot slightly in front of the other and lean forward a bit. Now place the hand that falls behind you right up on your hip to make you feel more comfortable. These actions will open your shoulders and loosen your hip up, ultimately preparing you to jump Switch.

Basic Switch Jumping
Practice this position until it becomes natural.


As the basic switch jumping position becomes easy, start to challenge yourself by jumping higher, from side to side and in different air positions including spreads, tucks, grabs and jumping in circles. This base is what makes all tricks happen with style, ease and comfort. Make sure you practice these tricks forwards and Switch as they will improve your aerial awareness when jumping in both directions.

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