How To Spin

How To Spin On Skis

Being able to spin on skis is the next progression from straight airs and grabs as it opens up a whole new world of trickery. Most people have a direction of spinning that’s more comfortable and they tend to favour it. These days, spinning left and right equally separates the top riders from the rest.

That's where this tutorial comes in, get your spins dialled now on the tramp to improve your skiing on the hill.

(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Basics Of Spinning

To be clear and for the future of your bigger tricks:

  • 90 is a 1/4 rotation
  • 180 is a half rotation 
  • 270 is 3/4 rotation
  • 360 is a full rotation 

Spins can start from either a forward or switch position and differ in their spotting and body alignment. Forward spins are the best to start with because they are the most natural.

The Takeoff

To get a spin going, it all comes down to your takeoff. You want to be equally balanced on both feet, weight aligned over your toe box  and arms out by your side so your body looks like a “T”.

The Starting PositionPrepare for take off.

To spin to the right, push off the trampoline as you open your arms and shoulders to the right side. That action will make one foot push forward, and the other back. Both around your spin axis to allow you to rotate in the air.

Staggered FeetYou may need a small pre-wind on takeoff to help get bigger spins around.

Opening your arms slightly to the opposite direction you want to spin before takeoff will help you generate that extra snap.

Common Errors

It’s common to get off balance and crooked in the air with a prewinde, so keep those arms flat on your spin axis.

Basic SpinsWe highly suggest working on both directions from the beginning so it’s easier down the road.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you now have the confidence to take some spins to park jumps! If you're looking for on snow spinning tutorials, check out these:

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