Misty Progressions

Misty Progressions

A Misty 540 is essentially an off axis forward rotating 540 degree spin. While it's an advanced jump trick on skis, this tutorial will get you warmed up and informed on Misty flips by breaking into a simple to learn Misty Progression.

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(Narrating/Riding: Kalisssa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

But Where Do I Start?

To start things off, begin by doing a side roll on flat ground.

Start standing, pointing your chest toward the ground and rock off of one foot to roll sideways, keeping your back parallel with your starting position. Use the momentum from dropping sideways to pull your legs up and over, rolling back onto your feet facing the same direction you started.

Move It To The Trampoline

1. Start with some standard back drops. When you're ready, stand facing sideways, pointing your chest toward the ground and keeping your eyes on the center of the trampoline.

2. Jump sideways and raise your feet into the back drop position. Use the momentum from the drop and rebound from the trampoline, to continue the rotation, landing back in your starting position.

3. Try this a few times with the tramp skis on to get a feeling for how the swing weight of the skis pulls you through the axis.

To achieve a proper misty progression start by adding rotation to the flat ground roll explained above. 

Start by facing forward and pointing your chest toward the ground. Begin your roll and look under your shoulder in the direction of the spin. Add a 90 degree turn into the roll and another 90 degree turn from your back to land facing the opposite way you started.

The Fact Of The Matter, Flatter is Phatter!

A proper Misty is done on a flatter axis. So when you're practicing the progression, avoid setting it like a forward roll. If your butt goes over your head at any point, it's not a Misty Roll.

Step It Up A Notch

Rebound from your back drop by carrying your vision over your shoulder in the direction of the spin to rotate the last 90 degrees, landing in the opposite direction you were facing on initiation. 

Make sure to flex the tips of your tramp skis upward when rebounding from the trampoline to avoid catching them on your landing.

Practice Makes Perfection

Practice the Misty progression both ways until it's rolling out nicely and your confidence is high. 

See how high Kali's confidence is. You can just feel it through the screen.

There it is, the Misty Progression. See how that as soon as you break it down into smaller manageable movements, you can really progress you skills quickly. Good luck!

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