How To Ski Urban Style Features

How To Ski Urban Style Features

In this tutorial we're going to teach you how slay those urban style features. Urban features are "hittable" (technical term for "you can hit that") features in an urban environment. With that said, a lot of mountain resorts now include some urban features in their park design. These are generally more difficult than a ride on box or rail. They may have a fence in the way of your entry, a gap onto or off the feature... anything creative and with a higher level of difficulty than a standard rail or box.

Here's a sweet little tutorial with a bunch of tips to get you hitting these features with style:

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler)

Before trying to slide on and down features, especially the urban features, it would be beneficial to be comfortable doing both 180's and skiing switch.

Down Box

Find yourself a down box that doesn't have too big of a jump onto it. Something nice and low to the ground so that if you do fall off, there is minimal risk. Be sure to check out the feature before so that you know how steep it is and how high you have to pop to get onto it. 

Urban Style Features
Start With A Nice Down Box Before Moving To Rails

When hitting a down box, it's important to pop off with both feet at the same time, with a full 90 degree jump turn to get onto the feature. You can always try this on flat ground before trying a feature. Find a comfortable drop in spot and give it a try! 

You want to approach and pop onto the box at a very slight angle. This will stop your momentum from going across the feature and coming off early. Remember to focus on the end of the rail and not your feet. 

Urban Style Features
Approach The Feature At A Slight Angle

A lot of people are scared of slipping backwards when hitting a down feature. Keep your weight more on your front foot to ensure this doesn't happen. Keep trying until you can comfortably make it to the end of the feature. Once your comfortable with natural leading foot, practice with the other foot leading down the feature.


After you're comfortable sliding a down box, find a nice down rail. The skills used to slide on a down rail are the same skills as the down box. The main difference is that it will be much harder to balance on the down rail because of the smaller surface area. The down rail may also slide a little faster than the box, so be sure to have as much weight on your front foot as possible. 

Urban Style Features
Same Skills Needed As The Box, But You Will Need More Balance

When you have the down rail mastered, play around with bigger features and Lipslides. A Lipslide is when you put your tail over the feature first, instead of your tips. You have to have a big pop and be sure to get your tails up and over the feature.

Stylish Lipslide

Try from both the left side and the right side. The more tricks you try, the more comfortable you will be on boxes and rails. 


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