Equipment For Tramp Ski Training

Equipment For Tramp Ski Training

Different locations have different potential hot spots but also potential hazards. It’s on you as an athlete to keep your surroundings safe so that YOU can keep progressing. If you are jumping outside on your back yard trampoline there a few things you can watch out for to keep yourself jumping for years to come.

That's why in this short tutorial, we'll go through some of the equipment you can use, how to train safely and how to get the most out of your Tramp Ski Training.

 (Narrating/Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

First Things First

First of all, get some spring covering mats for the outside of the trampoline in case you get off balance and eject. If the trampoline is wet it will be slippery, maybe dry it off or wait it out a minute. Keep your head up for wind, it’s possible that wind will push you around on the trampoline.

Equipment For Tramp Ski TrainingIf you can surround your back yard trampoline with mats or a net there’s obviously a lower risk if you get ejected off.

Throw Mats

Throw mats are normally used by a coach when someone is learning a new trick. They are also used by placing them on the trampoline and merely jumping onto it. When a throw mat is tossed under a jumper it creates a softer landing, but also dampens the rebound in case of an off-balanced landing.

Equipment For Tramp Ski TrainingIt’s important to have proper training on how to throw one before tossing one for a friend. You don’t want to miss!

There are two typical throw mats you will see around at trampoline facilities and gyms, the large one and the small one. The large one is mostly used to learn and practice bigger tricks like doubles, while the smaller one is used to make the step from the large mat to no mat.

Block Mats

You may see different shaped block mats lying around gyms. Use them for obstacle courses, practising hi-jumps and floor skills.

Equipment For Tramp Ski TrainingDean, fully focused and ready to pounce.

Tramp Skis

The Ski Addiction Tramp Skis are the best pieces of equipment in the freestyle trampoline training world. For that reason, they are also one of the most fun pieces of equipment around. You can lock in Shifties, grabs, spins, and so much more really quickly because of the realistic feel they have compared to being barefoot.

Equipment For Tramp Ski Training

With the use of trampolines you can get hundreds of bounces in an hour if you want to. It's the same when you use the Tramp Skis, you can get so much more practice in a day than you can on snow! They are the ultimate tool for people looking to take their skiing to the top level!

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