How To Switch Cork 540

How To Switch Cork 540

Switch Cork 540s are a fun way to get truly corked for the first time! Instead of being on a flippy Switch Rodeo axis or being perfectly upright with a Switch 540, the Switch Cork 5 allows you to get slightly inverted to maximize style. Learn it now with Dean's 5 step formula!

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(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Pre-Requisite Skills

Before getting corky, make sure you can pull Switch 5s easily with the skis on. Also, being able to get your grab solid and controlling the spin with a Shifty is super helpful moving into the Switch Cork 5.

Step 1) Seat Drops

To figure out the Cork, we’re going to use some seat drops. So pull off your skis to get the feel down.

How To Switch Cork 540When you land on your seat drop have your hands on the tramp beside you, that supports your back.

Follow these steps to get the first part of this progression dialled:

  1. Hop into your switch position and pull a Switch 90 to seat drop. At first, don’t worry about anything technical but landing safely on your seat drop.
  2. Now make it a Switch 180 to a seat drop.
  3. Next let’s add another 90 so that we make it to 270 seat drop. Stay centred on the trampoline since you’ll be landing perpendicular to the it and won’t have lots of space.

Step 2) Seat Drop Rollup 270

To work on the landing part of the Switch Cork 5, we need a seat drop roll up 270. To make this feel and look right, you’ll need tons of practise leaning off your leading hand to get corked.

How To Switch Cork 540

  1. Start by facing the same direction our 270 seat drop brought us to.
  2. Drop into a seat drop and spin a 90 up.
  3. Now let’s add another 180 off your seat so we have a total of a 270 off of your seat drop.

Step 3) Putting Step 1 & 2 Together

Time to put your 270 to seat drop together with your seat drop to 270, combining to a total of 540. Put in some time practising these 2 motions together. Always try and initiate your seat drop at 180 or later during the first part.

How To Switch Cork 540Keep your legs and toes driving up into your seat drop position, instead of letting them fall down.

Step 4) Make It Corky

With all that dialled it's now time to take your Switch 5 and make it corky. The first step to transforming you regular Switch 5 to a Corked Switch 5 is to focus on your spotting.

How To Switch Cork 540Make sure you can really see it by clapping, or by grabbing at 270.

Now for the crucial part. Set your Switch 540 and at 270 bring your legs up into the practiced seat drop position. If your feet come up to your body without your upper body moving, you will feel an off-set which is your cork.

Last Step) Tramp Skis

Once you really got it, throw on the skis and give it a try!

How To Switch Cork 540

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