Basics Of Jumping

Basics Of Jumping

In this tutorial, we're going to be focusing on the basics of jumping to give the foundation park skills you need to progress to the next level.

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler)

Get The Feeling Of Jumping

Before going to an actual jump, stand in your ski boots and jump straight up and down. You want to feel your shins against your boots and pop up off your toes.

Practice on flat ground first.

After a few times, snap your skis on and do the same thing. This will get you familiar with the extra weight.

Small Jump

Now find yourself a small jump that you feel comfortable with. Something with little to no gap to the landing will be perfect. Speed check the jump first. This is when you ski up to it and stop right at the takeoff to get an idea of the speed required. Also, make sure no one is behind you when you do this cause you can definitely wreak some havoc in the park with this little maneuver.

Keeping your hands in front of you is crucial for all forward landing tricks but timing is an equally important aspect of jumping. Ideally you want to be fully extended right at the lip of the jump. 

Don't forget to keep those hands in front.

Stepping It Up

Once you feel comfortable with the smaller jump, try stepping it up a notch. Find a jump that has a little bit of a distance between the takeoff and the landing. Do another speed check and watch others hit the jump first to get an idea of how much speed you need. It's important to have enough speed to clear the knuckle, especially bigger jumps. 

Get ready to send it when you feel confident on smaller jumps.

Once you feel comfortable with bigger jumps start adding grabs, shifties and carving into the jump. This will make you a better skier and definitely add style to your skiing. 

Train Off The Mountain

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