How To Switch 360

How To Switch 360

Now that you know how to do a 360, it's time for the next progression. If you thought that a 540 is next, you are mistaken! You're going to learn how to Switch 360. 

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)


The switch 360 is the next trick in line after you've got the following down:

  1. Regular 1's and 3's 
  2. Switch 180's

Start with some switch 180's before trying the switch 360. Just like the switch 180, approach the jump with your vision at the top of the lip. The main difference is that you have to set a little more rotation with the switch 360. Initiate your spin after you have popped off the jump.

Switch 360
Focus on where you want to take off from. 

Trick Tip: If you spin too early, your skis might catch the lip of the jump, which will send you off axis and face down in the landing. 


As soon as you take off, you can start looking at where you're going to land.

Switch 360
Spot your landing with your eyes.

Your vision will stay here for the entire trick as your body rotates around your head, making the trick easier than you think.

Switch 360
Prepare for landing with your legs.

Try to land with your feet in the scissored position. When landing switch, it's okay to have your hands at your side instead of in front of you because you don't want too much pressure on your tips. 

Switch 360
Ride away in style and watch the compliments fly!

The Switch 360 is a super fun trick as well as a building block for bigger tricks like switch 720's and 900's. Get it on lock now and improve your skiing today!

Jordan Harrington
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