How To Switch Rodeo 720

How To Switch Rodeo 720

In our last tutorial (which you can check out here), we taught you how to Misty 720. Now that you've got that one dialled, you can easily add the Switch Rodeo 720 to your bag of tricks. Check out the following tutorial and learn it now!

(Narrating/Skier: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Airhouse Squamish)

Building From The Misty 720

First off, warm up with some Switch Rodeo 7 progressions. Set the progression keeping your vision downhill and roll-out to 540 maintaining that downhill vision on landing. Take a mental note of where you’ve set the hypothetical downhill and add an extra 90 degrees onto the 540 maintaining that vision. Keep building on this until you’ve completed the full 720, landing back in the switch position keeping your vision with that point of reference.

How To Switch Rodeo 720You can see here how Kalissa maintains her vision downhill.

Switch Rodeo 7 To Feet

When you get accustomed to the stance and vision change, go for a Switch Rodeo 720 to feet. You should be able to keep your vision downhill through most of the trick, losing it briefly as you come through the axis and regaining it at 540.

How To Switch Rodeo 720See how Kalissa's vision is fixed on that point as she lands the Switch Rodeo 7 to feet.

Time To Strap In

Now that you've got them dialled on feet, get psyched and strap into the Tramp Skis. Warm up with the full Switch Rodeo progression, keeping in mind that the weight of the skis will change the pull through off your backdrop into the Misty roll-out. When you’re confident, try the full Switch Rodeo 7 to your feet. 

How To Switch Rodeo 720Add a Safety Grab and use the grab to pull through the axis to speed the rotation.

Make It More Realistic

To make this training environment even more realistic, add backwards travel towards the natural direction the trick is set on snow. The key to adding backwards travel is to push through your toes and drive your hips back on take off to promote a backwards travel. You’ll want to be patient off your take off to clear the tips of your skis and really achieve that backwards gainer set.

How To Switch Rodeo 720Kali just sending the Switch Rodeo 720!

The final step is to now repeat this with the Switch Rodeo to your feet. Each time jumping higher than the last, adding more and more travel. This will give you a feel for how this trick will realistically feel on snow so you are ready to start sending it! 

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