How To Switch 540

How To Switch 540

Once you get your regular 540's on medium park jumps down, you'll naturally want to push yourself to do bigger tricks. That's why in this tutorial, we're going to teach you how to dial in your Switch 540's!

Don't have a pair of Tramp Skis yet? You can still practice the motions of the 540 in your socks. The Tramp Skis however, will teach you to adapt to the swing weight that skis will give you while rotating so that you can stomp it even faster on the mountain!

(Narrating/Riding: Dean Bercovitch Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Airhouse, Squamish)

Get Your Switch Take Off's Comfy

Start your training by throwing Switch 3's one after another, with trailing grabs to warm up on the tramp. Initiating your grab in the first 180 of the spin will help to create a tight and snappy rotation to the spin. That's important because a switch take off usually has a little bit of disconnection. 

Start with Switch 360's
A connected and aligned body creates control progressing forwards to nail it.

While learning, aim to have your arms change from a Switch 540 position to a forward wide arm/ t-set position just after take-off. 

T Shape TakeoffT-set Position 

Breaking down the trick will help you to perfect your movements, spin and line of sight throughout the trick. A good way to learn this is by setting up for a Switch 3 and then simply adding on an additional 180 on the bounce immediately after.

Switch 360 plus a Switch 180Sounds simple eh?

Eyes On The Prize

Keep your eyes on the end of the tramp for the entire Switch 360 as though you're spotting your landing. Just before you land your Switch 3, prepare to turn your head across your shoulder, so that as you bounce the additional 180, you're maintaining that eye contact with the end of the trampoline once again. Through training this motion, you'll find yourself scrambling less when throwing full Sw 5's wondering where to look!

Stomp The 450

Now, to get one step closer it's time to try getting a Switch 450. This is as simple as adding an additional 90 degree spin to your already dialled Switch 3. On take-off, set your Switch 180 and then while in the air, connect your body to be able to spin around an additional 270.

Switch 450We don't recommend trying a Switch 450 off a park jump, it won't end well.

So Close You Can Taste The Stomp

Now you're just missing a 90! Set just a little bit harder on take-off to achieve the full Switch 540. Once you have managed to spin this around comfortably, you'll want to get this fully locked in through adding some grabs for an extra challenge! Once you are able to Switch 5 with leading and trailing grabs, you will be ready to take it to the snow! 

Think you've got what it take to spin even further? Check out the next step in our Switch Spins series with by learning the Switch 720!

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