How To Switch 180

How To Switch 180

In our previous tutorial on spins we taught you how to do a 180. This time around we're going to be working on Switch 180's, which are equally important.

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Before trying Switch 180's, make sure that you're comfortable skiing switch. You'll need to have good control riding backwards so that you can adjust your speed and be confident when heading into a jump. Maybe even try the trick on flat ground so that you know how it feels before trying it off of a jump. 


Find a small jump that suits your fancy. Big enough to catch some air but not so big that it's intimidating. As you approach the jump, keep your vision towards the top of the lip.

Switch 180
Eyes on the top of the lip.


A good pop off the lip is huge for switch takeoffs. It's easy to catch your tips if you don't pop hard enough.

Switch 180
Be fully committed and send it!

You only need to set a tiny amount of spin as you're already looking at the landing, the rest of your body will follow with ease.


The landing of this trick is very similar to a straight air. When you're about to come into contact with the snow, reach for the landing with your hands. Keeping your hands forward will ensure that you are not landing on your tails.

Switch 180
Keep Your Eyes On The Landing With Hands In Front

Try getting used to spinning both ways, not just the more natural feeling direction. Being able to spin both ways is a big advantage in park skiing and will allow your skills to progress faster. Taking off switch may be hard at first but will improve your skiing greatly, especially in the park. 

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