How To Peanut Butter 360 with Magnus Granér

How To Peanut Butter 360 with Magnus Granér

Introducing Magnus Granér... although we're sure you've heard of him before! He's an XGames Real Ski Gold Medalist and we're a big fan of his steeze. He's made us a wicked tutorial on how to ramp up your buttering and get your Peanut Butter 360s dialled. 

(Narrating/Riding: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér. Filming/Editing: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér.)

So, you've got your Peanut Butter 180 locked in, now you want to step it up a notch. Time to learn the full-steeze PB 360 to bring some style to even the mellowist green slopes.

Note: if you haven't yet checked it out, Magnus has also done us a Peanut Butter 180 Tutorial, which could be a useful starting point before going in for the full whack rotation.

It's All About The Noses

1. First, get used to buttering again. Flex your ankles and lean into a nose press so that you feel the tails of your skis lift off the snow.

2. Go hard. Put a lot of pressure into the noses of your skis, pushing all your weight forward, really pressing your tips into the snow and lift your heels as high as you can. You're going to need a lot of force behind you to carry you through, so don't hold back! You'll need to have this dialled before you start your rotation, so get comfy with it. 

Peanut Butter 360 with Magnus Graner
Drive the nose of your skis into the hardpacked snow a la Mr Granér.

3. Now, coming into the butter, you're going to need a lot of rotation. Use your edges to begin the turn, then swing your arms really hard to propel yourself into the turn. Setting your rotation up properly will drastically improve your chances of landing the full 360, instead of a 180 or 270. 

Peanut Butter 360 with Magnus GranerLeaning into your edges, let those arms swing around, driving your momentum and allowing the rest of your body to follow. 

3. Spring into a pop! Using your momentum, swing your body up and over the noses of your skis. Remember, get all the way over your noses before you start your rotation. Keep those noses grounded and let your body rotate the full 360 degrees.

Be careful! Setting the rotation too early is a very common mistake when attempting this trick.

Peanut Butter 360 with Magnus Graner
Just like that!

In a (Pea)Nut Shell

So there you have it, the PB 360! The idea is to bring yourself all the way up onto your noses, with bent knees, so you are only balancing on the tips. The higher you get, the more style points awarded. Now get out there and make your friends jelly for the ultimate PB&J combo. 

Keep those noses glued to the snow during your spin, or you'll end up doing a Nollie 360 (which, if planned, is pretty sick too). Schwing!

Want to see more of Magnus?

Follow him on Instagram here: @SkiManGuy. Check out Magnus in his 2017 XGames Real Ski Edit:

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