How To Lazyboy 360

How To Lazyboy 360

The Lazyboy 360 is an awesome variation of the cork 3, which lives by the mantra of looking stylish with ease! This trick is separated from other forms of 360's as it is achieved through sitting on your tails while dragging your hands on the take off of the jump.

Not quite ready to spin these yet? Check out our How To 360 tutorial to bring you one step closer to stomping this steezy trick. 

(Narrating/Riding: Spencer Culver. Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Lazyboy 360 is an incredibly versatile trick that can be thrown down all over the mountain, from rollers and small hits to XL jumps. While bigger jumps will allow more airtime and therefore more time to cork and show style, learning on a smaller jump will help you to hone in your technique safely.


Before attempting the Lazyboy 3 on snow, it's important to feel confident throwing 360's and 540's off medium jumps. Using your Tramp Skis, start by practicing on the trampoline to hone in your air awareness with spins.

Needless to say, it's equally important that you are comfortable being in the Lazyboy position. If this is new to your skiing style, practice skiing in Lazyboy around the mountain. Pro tip: Cat tracks are an awesome place to start learning this.

How To Lazyboy 360
Looking good mate!

Where to start?

Find a small jump that you feel comfortable to spin off of to begin learning this trick. The Lazyboy can be broken down into 4 components;

  • The run in
  • The take off
  • The air time
  • The landing. 

The Run In
Approaching the hit with the same speed as you have for your 360's, set up by putting yourself in the 'Lazyboy' position. This takes about as much effort as the name suggests, just sit back on your tails.

How To Lazyboy 360
The Lazyboy Position

The Take-off
As you approach the end of the take off, use counter rotation to roll your torso over and reach out your arms. Through this movement, your skis will start to turn, making dialled in timing the secret to the perfect takeoff.

As you leave the take off, push your hips forward and use your dragging hands to deepen your upper body rotation. 

How To Lazyboy 360
Notice how this motion has begun the rotation

Air Time
Once you have left the lip, it's time to rotate your lower body to bring back your body's counter-rotation. Keeping your knees locked in together will be a sure-fire way to maintain control while spinning around, with the bonus of scoring maximum style points!

When throwing this trick, you'll be able to spot the landing almost immediately. Keep your eyes on the landing throughout and allow your spin to come around until you're facing the landing again. As you land, bring your arms forward and back to centre to get ready for a stomp landing.

How To Lazyboy 360
Untwist that counter rotation!

What next?

Now that you've got the technique stomped, it's time to get creative and hit bigger features. Use these same motions to spin further for a 540 and add in grabs to your rotation. Japan & Tail grabs are wicked options to throw in here!

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