How To Nose Press With Magnus Granér

How To Nose Press With Magnus Granér

We're bringing you even more from the 'Swerve King', Magnus Granér. In this Tutorial, Magnus is going to walk you through how to press out your noses and land this advanced jib trick with effortless style.

(Narrating/Riding: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér. Filming/Editing: @SkiManGuy - Magnus Granér.)

A Nose Press is where the rail contacts underneath the noses of your skis rather than under the bindings. Ticking off this Advanced trick doesn't come easy though. You've really got to throw a lot of power and weight over those noses to be able to hold it.

How To Nose Press
Magnus showing off the perfect Nose Press

Going from zero to hero works for some skiers... However, a safer and cleaner approach is to start to work your way up with the following progressions.

This is where your Tramp Skis and Jib Bar will come in real handy with building your Nose Press muscle memory!

Finding Your Balance

Before attempting to throw down on the rail, start by finding an open area so that you can practice the basics. While stationary, lean your weight over the noses of your skis to get a feel of where you'll need your body to be. This will help you to know where you want your balancing point to be when once you take it onto the rail. 

How To Nose Press
Because practice makes perfect.

Time To Get Jibby Wit It

Next up, it's time to take it to the rails and start jibbing. To begin with, just focus your attention on jumping onto the rail regularly and press out to the noses only once you've connected.

As with many jib tricks, speed may be your friend in helping you to hold this press. On the flip side, taking it a little slower to begin with will force you into finding the balancing point and having to hold it for longer. 

How To Nose Press
Jump onto the rail normally and then press out to build your confidence. 

Getting Straight Into The Press

You're feeling pretty pro at that now? Sweet, now to kick it up a notch and boost your style. Ideally, the goal here is to be able to land straight into the Nose Press with the right amount of counter weight over your noses. 

In order to nail this, you'll need to add in a little more pop when coming into the feature. As you come in, pop extra hard, lean all your wight over your noses and over the rail and aim to land towards the front of your bindings. 

Start To Nose Like The Pro's

Once you've locked this down, it's time to turn your Nose Presses up to eleven. As you're coming towards the end of the rail, add in a pop to pull you out of the press. 

How To Nose Press
Now just add that POP!

There we have it, another one to add to your ever growing trick library. From here, it's time to start switching it up and really making this trick your own!

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