How To Flat 360

How To Flat 360

While the modern Flat 360 is an off-axis trick, it's still on the flippier side of things. Combining these two rotations can be difficult, but the following tutorial breaks it down into easy progressions which you can follow to start stomping Flat 3s today!

This tutorial was filmed using the Ski Addiction Tramp Skis. Grab a pair now and take your skiing to a new level this Winter.

(Narrating/Rider: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Water Ramps)

Common Issues

The most common issues seen when learning the Flat 3 is getting stuck on the backflip or sideflip axis, instead of being perfectly between both.

Step Uno

To practise, you first need to understand that a few degrees of spin on takeoff is all that is required. All of the following progressions stem from this 90 degree position.

Flat 360 ProgressionTry this on the tramp bed first to get the feel of landing at a 90 degree angle.

Step Deuce

To get a feel for the axis, find an elevated flat surface with a small drop off both sides. Stand facing away from it with your arms out, jump up and land on your back on a 90 degree angle with your legs up high.

Flat 360 ProgressionIf you don't have a picnic table and or crash mat, improvise. 

Your inside arm should be parallel to your body and your outside one should be on the flat arm. Push with that arm to help roll over and twist your inside hand to relieve any pressure you may have on your shoulder. Finish it off by landing on the other side facing the same direction you started on.

Step Trois

Set yourself up on a trampoline and do the same exercise, but with a bounce instead of rolling on the ground. Do this a bunch of times to dial in the muscle memory. 

Step 3How many times can you do it without stopping? Can you beat Dean's record?

Step Quad

Now its time to get it all in one bounce. Do some backflips with your arms out to your side making sure your hip is open on take off and you can see your spot well into the air. Once you've got that, take your backflip and incorporate your 90 degree backdrop into it, so that your backflip is off axis.

Flat 360Just try to add a little bit at a time and try to use a Japan grab to help get the axis.

To really get them going, you'll have to be patient on takeoff so your body gets small at the apex of your jump to accelerate. If you don’t get that feeling then your taking off too early and rotating a little too laid out.

The Final Progression

Throw on your skis and give it a go. Do the progressions with skis on to get comfy before just chucking it.

Flat 360

Now you know how to Flat 3! For even more great ski tutorials, make sure to sign up to our newsletter.

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