How To Ski Switch

How To Ski Switch

Skiing switch is an essential skill for anyone trying to get better in the park. It's a great way to warm up in the morning and can be fun whenever the park is closed. This tutorial is going to cover the basics of skiing switch so that you can progress your park skills. 

(Narrating/Riding: Ahren Stein. Filming/Editing: Blake Dubler. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

The Basics

To start out find yourself a flat area with low skier traffic and work on your switch skiing stance. You want your feet about shoulder width apart and staggered.

Skiing Switch
Ideal stance.

Whichever shoulder you are looking over will be your leading foot. It will be easiest to look over the shoulder that you naturally spin from.


The proper switch stance is nice and low with your shins flexing against the front of your boots. While skiing switch, it's important to keep your feet parallel.

Skiing Switch
Low to the ground with feet p

A switch snowplow may seem like a good idea but it's a very bad habit to get into. Be aware that when skiing switch you have a fairly big blind spot, so be conscious of that and others around you (like snowboarders). 


You initiate a turn skiing switch the same way you do skiing forward. A slight roll of the knee onto the edge is all it takes. Try this on a low angled slope where you won't pick up speed to quickly. 

Skiing Switch
Play around with the position of your knees and see how it effects your turns.

Keep pushing yourself towards switch skiing a steeper slope to gain more speed. All it takes to get better at skiing is practice. Practice all over the mountain whenever and wherever you can. Use these tips to improve your switch skiing and improve your skiing today!

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