FAQ Jib Bar

How Indestructible Is The Jib Bar?
We've literally driven a truck over this thing and it didn't look any different. We made it to take a beating! 

Is The Plastic Recycled?
The Jib Bar is made from 100% recycled materials!

Is The Jib Bar Portable?
The Jib Bar is very light and portable. The Jib Bar has been designed to store the white top piece inside itself, for mobility and storage.

Can You Slide On The Jib Bar?
The Jib Bar's main purpose is to act as a static trainer, but you can get creative and slide it.

Can I Use An Actual pair of Skis On The Jib Bar?
Yes you can use an actual pair of skis on the Jib Bar. Just be aware that unlike our Tramp Skis, your ski's have sharp edges that might dig into and scratch the Jib Bar or your training area.

Can I Use The Tramp Skis On The Jib Bar?
We made this for use with the Tramp Skis as the best product to work in conjunction with your Jib Bar. The Tramp Skis have no sharp edges, so you can train in your living room or bedroom. They are shorter, allowing more fun and better use indoors. They're lighter and you don't need shoes to use them. This means, when you get the urge to Ski or have a jib, you simply slide straight into the Tramp Skis without having to put uncomfortable ski boots on.

What Is The White Top Piece For?
While the black bar mimics a box, the white top piece makes the bar higher off the ground so you have to jump higher for your tricks. It also has a sloped surface so it feels like a rail. The dome shape also helps with getting your balance during presses, stalls and natas spins! 

What Is Your Warranty And Returns Policy?
We have a 1 year Hassle Free Warranty on all manufacturing defects. Shred Hard and Go Big! We are so confident you will love your training gear, we have a 30 days, 100% money back guarantee.