How To Superman Frontflip

How To Superman Frontflip

Are you confidently landing your Frontflips on the tramp? Time to take it to the next level! In this tutorial, we will show you the key steps towards landing your first Superman Frontflip, a trick designed especially for those who want to go full send and maximize their airtime in the park. 

(Narrating/Skier: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Get Rolling

So, you're ready to take your Frontflips to the next level. First, we need to start with a dive roll. This move will introduce your body and mind to the sensation of being horizontal mid-air (which, I'm guessing, isn't a very familiar sensation for most of us mere mortals).

How To Superman FrontflipKali diving head first into this trick. Pun very intended.

Instead of a normal front roll, where you plant your hands immediately down in front of your feet, you're going to drive your hands forward and dive into your roll. Keep doing this until you reach a full horizontal extension before rolling out onto the mat.

Get Comfy With Your Fronties

Now it's time for some aerial action. Start practising your 3/4 front flips landing in the back-drop position. When this is feeling all too easy, begin to practice your stalls by lifting your heels back and aiming for a horizontal hold mid-air. Be careful not to raise your feet higher than the rest of your body, as this will likely lead to over-rotation and a not-so-stylish backflop, which ain't fun on the tramp, let alone the snow. 

How To Superman FrontflipRaising your arms and heels evenly whilst keeping an eye on the edge of the tramp will help you hold your nerve as you levitate above the earth.

Strap In

Once this feels a bit more natural, it's time to strap into some skis. Practice these movements with the added weight and get used to the sensation. Remember, the higher you jump, the longer you can stall in the Superman pose, and the more gnar points you will accumulate as a result. After some warm up front tucks, slowly and steadily work your way towards a full rotation, building trust in your Superman holds.

How To Superman FrontflipYour chances of snagging a date with an on-piste Wonderwoman increase tenfold with every half second you can hold the Superman in place. 

So there you have it! Once you have got this move dialled, you can try it in the park (costumes encouraged). Remember to always speed check and practice your jumps, so you know exactly how much airtime you would usually have, before sending it into orbit, fist-first. 

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