How To Double Grab

How To Double Grab On Skis

As you know, you can add style or difficulty to a trick with grabs and Shifty’s. Another way is to throw in a Double Grab.

Double Grabs are when you use both hands to grab the same ski. Common Double Grabs are Double Mute, Double Japan and Double Tail. If you grab both skis in both hands however, it usually has it’s own name like a Bow & Arrow or a Venom. Check out this tutorial to learn how to Double Grab and take your skills up a notch.

(Narrating/Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

The Basic's Of Double Grabs

A Double Grab is usually just a basic grab where you put your second hand somewhere on the same ski. You may find that Double Grabs may feel more comfortable in a rotation where your margin for error is lower.

Double GrabsIf your jump is off balance right from the takeoff, a Double Grab will feel uncomfortable because your loose arm isn’t out for balance, it’s too busy grabbing.

Double Mute

To get a Double Mute, start by grabbing standard Mute. Then, reach your other hand across your body to grab the same outside edge. If you grab your initial Mute grab high up on the ski then your second hand will fit closer to your binding. If you grab your initial mute grab closer to your binding then your second hand will reach further to fit close to the nose of the ski.

Double MuteUp close and personal with the Double Mute.

Double Japan

Another Double Grab that’s commonly used is the Double Japan. Before trying this one, make sure you have a good Japan and Inside Safety.

  1. Start by grabbing Japan where your noses are held up
  2. Reach down with your other hand between your legs to the same edge that you’re holding with your Japan
  3. Place your hand somewhere around your toe piece so you don’t have your hands one on top of the other
The Double JapanTrying to have your hands spread apart from each other really proves how locked into the grab you are.

Double Tail Grab

Double Tail Grabs are sweet, especially when you incorporate them into a Corked 3, because of the Shifty initiated by the second grab. Before trying this one, make sure you know how to do a Blunted Tail Grab, Capped Tail Grab and a Seatbelt grab.

  1. Start with grabbing Tail slightly on the inside edge and pulling it in towards your body
  2. Reach back with your other hand to get the same tail blunted
  3. Let go and bring it back for your landing
Double TailBeing able to reach back and get both hands on one tail requires flexibility, coordination and a solid Shifty.

And now you can Double Grab! Get out there and get these three locked in, then start exploring what's possible with the Tramp Skis and your creativity!

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