How To Jib On Skis

How To Jib On Skis

Sliding rails opens up another world to your skiing and allows for a lot of creativity. It can also be pretty daunting when hitting your first rail. Luckily, we're here to help you get over these jitters and become pro jibbers! We're going to show you how you can train with your Tramp Skis and Jib Bar to step up your jibbing skills!

Don't have a pair of Tramp Skis and a Jib Bar yet? No worries, while you won't quite get the same feeling, you can still practice these skills in your shoes and on any stable box that is of a similar height.

(Narrating/Riding: Dean Bercovitch Filming/Editing: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Blackcomb)

Getting Comfortable

Before learning jib tricks, it's important that you get comfortable on your Tramp Skis! To begin with, ensure that your skis are tightly strapped to avoid your heels slipping as soon as you pop! 

Get familiar with your Tramp Skis by finding an open flat space and practice your shifty's, nose presses and spinning 180's. Finally, make sure that you're able to pop high enough to get onto the Jib Bar by practicing some flat pops.  

How To Jib
Get comfortable using the Tramp Skis before jibbing.

Most jib tricks on skis are performed by having the skis going across the rails rather than by 50-50-ing. To start, position the Jib Bar between your legs and throw a practice jump straight up to ensure you are jumping high enough to clear the top of the bar.

How To Jib On Skis 
See how Dean keeps the skis level to avoid the tips and tails from dragging!

Jumping On

Still seems scary to jump straight on? Start by moving one foot at a time onto the Jib Bar and get a feel for holding your balance on the bar before landing onto it. Try this in both directions a couple of times to help build your muscle memory. 

Now it's time to jump on! Starting with your most comfortable spinning direction, pop up until you're in the air and over the bar, rotate a 90 spin to get your skis on and land with your bindings on top of the bar.

How To Jib On Skis
To avoid your skis clipping the bar, rotate at top of your jump. 

How to keep balanced?

Once you've stomped the jump and landing onto the bar, you'll want to start practicing your balance! Stay balanced by having your legs shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knee. Aim to keep your shoulders up as this will help to maintain your balance but when trying to regain balance, you may need to drop your shoulders down. This is okay, once you have your balance back, try to bring your shoulders back up. 

How To Jib On Skis
Nice stance mate!

What's Next?

Now that you have the basics down, practice spinning onto the bar in both directions as this will help you to have a more versatile style through the park! Progress even further by popping off facing the other direction to simulate and build the feeling of landing in switch.

Practicing with the Jib Bar like this offers a huge benefit as you're able to practice on repeat with low consequences and without having to hike rails.

How To Jib On Skis
Now go out and shred!

Now it's time to set lines and see how creative you can get with it and just remember... practice makes perfect! Take the next jump towards being a true rail wizard by learning how to take this skill to the snow!

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