Snowboard Addiction is developing a small team of dedicated rippers!
Check out our current team here: http://snowboardaddiction.com/pages/team

Channel Gap


We are based in Whistler, Canada, so we prefer to sponsor riders in our area so they can help us produce our tutorials. If you are not moving to Whistler any time soon, we'd still educate sponsorship with you, but we would need constant posts on social media and publicizing of our products helping you train for snowboarding. Basically, like any sponsor, we need to see what we get out of the relationship if we are going to be hooking you up with gear or pay.

Skill Level:

Before submitting your application, please consider whether or not you fit with our brand. If you're entering racing competitions and have never ridden park or tried a butter, do you really fit with us? If not, perhaps consider another brand that you better relate to.

We are looking for riders who can help star in the worlds best snowboard tutorials. As a general guideline, look at Nev's riding as a benchmark for our pro team.

What To Include: Skill, Film and Publicity 

Times have changed in the world of skiing. Long gone are the days where pictures and PDF's will be acceptable as promotional material. Almost the only way to get sponsored in this day and age is by making edits, so you’re going to have to as well. This could mean making edits on your home mountain, hitting the rails at your old elementary school, or venturing out into the backcountry to make a sick pow edit.

Whatever you choose to do, the footage of yourself is ultimately going to be the meat that gets you sponsored. If you don't have a camera, make friends with someone who has a camera. Quality doesn't just come from editing, you need quality material too.

Understand that getting sponsored is a two-way street. No company is going to swag you out just for living your life; this isn’t the Kardashians. You need to be as valuable to the company as their brand new 2017 board is to you, and your value is going to be in the form of publicity.

Once you get your first few clips in a video, then you have some leveraging power to talk with companies and they finally have a reason to hook you up. Better yet, if you can prove to a company that you have a fan base online, they're going to be way more likely to sponsor you. Your social media, Instagram; Facebook; Twitter; etc. can also be great avenues to tell the world who you are and what you are about, which will help you develop your brand. 

Also include:

- Competition results
- Anything else you think is relevant
- What are you going to do for Ski Addiction

To be considered for the team, send us an email: info@skiaddiction.com