How To Switch Rodeo 900

How To Switch Rodeo 900

When it comes to switch tricks, there are many opinions thrown around and inconsistencies with naming. The comparison has been made between Misty and Switch Rodeo and although they have similarities, a Switch Rodeo 9 is a smidge on the flippier side.

In this tutorial, we are de-bunking the Switch Rodeo 900 and showing you how you can learn it on the tramp so you can confidently take it to the snow.

(Narrating/Skiing: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Adison MacDonald. Filmed At: Airhouse)


Warm up on the trampoline with Cork 7s, D Spin 7s and Switch 9’s as these are the baseline prerequisites. Because vision control is a key aspect to this trick, you also want to be very confident in your Misty 9 before working on Switch Rodeo 9s.

The Progression

The best way to learn the Switch Rodeo 900 is to set a 270 to Cork 7 progression. This gives you a great idea of how this trick would more realistically pull through on snow.

  1. Set with a 180 revert to switch with you feet staggered and hip open towards the set spin direction.
  2. Look towards the hypothetical downhill at the end of the tramp.
  3. This time, instead of spotting the center of the tramp twice, you want to spot the end of the tramp both times before wrapping into the 270 rollout spotting again coming into the landing.

Put Your Tramp Skis On

Repeat the progression with the skis on. Keep a tight core through your wrap in order to control the weight of the skis as being lax in your position can cause the skis to work against the spin.

How To Switch Rodeo 900Kalissa mid Switch Rodeo 900 progression with the Tramp Skis on.

Putting It Down

When you are satisfied with your progression have a go at Switch Rode 9 to feet! The more emphasis you put on spotting downhill, the less likely you will get lost in your wrap and spin out.

How To Switch Rodeo 900Because this trick lands forwards and the rotation is set with the lip of the jump, it is more common trick to execute on snow than a Misty 9.

Final Tips

Be methodical in your spotting technique. Setting in an open body position, and wrapping into the safety grab will guide your isolation of the pull through the axis.

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