How To Safety & Mute Grab

How To Safety & Mute Grab

In freestyle skiing, there are endless grab variations to add your own personal style to your skiing. In this tutorial, we are going to cover two of the most basic, the Safety and Mute.

This tutorial was filmed on the Ski Addiction Tramp Skis. Grab your pair today and take your skiing to the next level!

(Narrating/Skiing: Kalissa Lolos. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce & Whistler Blackcomb)

Getting Comfortable With The Safety

To get comfortable with grabs, start with the Safety grab while sitting on the ground.

  1. Sit on the end of the trampoline with your tramp skis strapped in
  2. Lean back and bend your knees into a Tuck position with both hands over your knees
  3. Instead of grabbing your knees, grab just above the binding with the same hand as the ski you are grabbing. This is a Safety Grab.
Safety GrabIt is the safest and easiest grab to learn and apply. Hence the name, Safety.

Some Hot Tips

Avoid tickling grabs by being sure you are locked into a firm grab! A full proper grab has at least 2 fingers wrapped around the ski.

Bring the grab up to you instead of reaching down for the grab. If you drop your chest down, you will land off balance.

Generally, grabbing your boot or binding is considered bad style. Be sure both knees are still bent in the tuck position! The higher you jump the longer you can hold a firm grab!

Mute Grab

Use these steps to get your Mute grab locked in!

  1. Sitting on the end of the trampoline, get into your tuck position
  2. Cross one ski over the other
  3. Grab the ski that is on top of the cross with the opposite hand. Be sure to reach around your knees and grab the upper outer edge of the ski just above the binding
  4. You want to avoid reaching between your knees for the grab and grabbing the inside edge or the binding
  5. Once you’re ready, hop on the tramp. Start with ski crosses in the air before you try the grab. Tuck those knees up into that Mute grab!

Once you’re ready, hop on the tramp and do the above steps while flying through the air.

Mute GrabRemember, tuck those knees up to get into that Mute!

Adding That All Important Style

Tweaking your grabs is the easiest/best/most efficient/how you add style to your grabs. To tweak out a grab, make sure you have a firm grasp before you poke your skis out to the side or front in your Safety. For Mute, grab first in that tuck position before you tweak your hips open and bring the ski cross behind you. And remember, the more air you get, the longer you can stall the tweak!

Tweaked Safety GrabCoach Dean tweaking that Safety.

BOOM! Two of the more basic grabs but once you have these dialled and can start tweaking them out, your skiing will shine!

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