How To Basic Bailout

How To Basic Bailout

If you love avoiding looking like a rag doll every time you bounce out of control as much as we do, the Basic Bailout will be one of the first things you'll want to practice if you're new to Tramp Skis. Learning how to fall properly or bail out of a sticky situation can save you injury and help you look way more pro while training. Making sure you know this stuff will help you to keep pushing and hopefully avoid those not so fun hospital bills.

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(Narrating/Skiing: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond. Filmed At: Whistler Bounce)

Quick Heads Up

If you're not super comfortable on a trampoline or bouncing with the Tramp Skis, it's a good idea to put these aside for now. Before trying a bailout, the perfect warm up is to practice the Seat & Back Landing Positions, as the bailout builds upon this.

The Do's & The Do-Not's

This is a good time to remember that the safest type of landing is the backdrop. It has the greatest margin of error and they also keep your tails from hitting into the trampoline! On the other hand, landing on your hands and knees should be avoided as it can easily create an awkward rebound, sending you out of control. 

How To Basic Bailout 
What a rookie move! 

Getting It Down!

Oftentimes, when you lose balance you'll be off-axis falling forwards or backwards. This means you'll usually need to twist in the air to get onto your back. 

How To Basic Bailout 
Dean changing it up to get onto his back.

Start by throwing a mat on the trampoline to dampen the fall and practice your 180s, 180 Backdrops and everything in-between. If you've mastered this, pull the mat away so that you can feel the true rebound of the tramp.

Using the 'Two-Foot Rule'; always keeping two feet on the same surface, start by practicing your bailout technique by jumping from the side of the trampoline, onto your back and back up again. Slowly build this up until you're able to comfortably throw down bailouts while bouncing on the tramp. 

How To Basic Bailout
Tramp Skis nicely away from the trampoline! 

If you feel ready, take it to the next level! Put your Tramp Skis on and start practicing your bailout technique on the trampoline. Before you know it, all of your sketchy out of control falls will be looking perfectly choreographed bails! Now you've got the skills to take your training game to the next level!

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