The Jib Bar Is Here

The Jib Bar Is Here

Your newest training partner has just landed in North America and is ready to help you jib better. Introducing the Ski Addiction Jib Bar.

(Skier: Dean Bercovitch. Film/Edit: Vince Emond)

Do you love jibbing features in the park? Maybe you wanna' get into jibbing but learning by smashing your face on metal isn't what you're down with? That's fair, which is why we made the Jib Bar!

Ski Addiction Jib BarDean getting jibby with it on the Jib Bar.

Improve your jibbing style and creativity! Learn the timing for spins onto and off features. Do this in the comfort of your home, then clip in on the mountain and stomp the tricks you've always dreamt of landing.

Use the Jib Bar with your existing skis, or for the perfect combo; use the Jib Bar with our Tramp Skis for a more fun way to exercise and train.

Ski Addiction Jib BarGrab you own Jib Bar now!

Helping You Ski Better
The Ski Addiction Team