Stock Update December 2021 (click here)

Stock Update December 2021

USA Shipping Warehouse
Tramp Skis - Out of Stock (shipment on the way - preorders available)
Jib Bars - In Stock (limited quantity, will run out)

UK Shipping Warehouse
Tramp Skis - In Stock (limited quantity, will run out)
Jib Bars - In Stock (limited quantity, will run out)


We are currently out of stock of the Tramp Skis in North America.
We do have a shipment of Tramp Skis that will be arriving in late 2021/early 2022.
Once they’re received into our inventory, your order will ship out automatically.

This year we have experienced severe delays in manufacturing and shipping. We are doing our absolute best to get our products to you as quickly as we can. I apologize in advance for any delays. 

If you have placed an order, your order is safe, and you will receive your gear. If you would prefer a refund of the skis just let us know and we will cancel and refund the order.

Will the skis arrive before Christmas in the USA?

No - We are at the mercy of the shipping companies, ports and customs officers. The timelines they give us are very vague and often change and have now been pushed back until after Christmas.
We have a batch of skis currently shipping to North America. Right now, this takes far longer than in a normal year.

What we can guarantee is that you have a pair of tramp skis reserved for you from this shipment and you will get them.
Tracking information will be automatically emailed to you when they ship.

If you have any urgent inquiries please reach out, otherwise sit tight and we again apologize for the delay in getting this to you. If we are slower to respond than expected it is due to an unusually large amount of customer service, however we always get back to our customers!

Thanks for your interest in Ski Addiction
Nev Lapwood
CEO Addiction Sports