Shipping Information

FREE Shipping in the USA!

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All orders ship worldwide from USA fulfillment warehouses.

International Shipping

International shipping is available to most locations however it can be quite expensive.


There are no customs fees or duties for the USA. 
Foreign countries may charge customs fees or take additional time to process your items through customs. We have no control over external delays or additional fees caused by international shipments. Most countries do not incur any issues at customs and are delivered smoothly. Any additional taxes or fees are your responsibility.

If you want to know how much customs will charge, you will need to contact the customs office in your country. 

Tracking Information

Your tracking number will be automatically emailed to you when the order is shipped. 

Delivery Times - USA:

You will usually receive your order in around 2-6 business days. Please note, during peak times of the year, such as Black Friday/Christmas, there can be a delays especially if you choose the free shipping option or cheapest option. Express post will take priority and be delivered sooner than free postage.

Delivery Times - International:

Express international shipping usually takes around 1 week (sometimes faster) depending on your country, however some countries are slow and may take longer. This is out of our control unfortunately. International express shipping does not guarantee delivery within a certain number of days.
We no longer offer internatinal ground shipping as it was too slow for our customers expectations.