Freeskiing Tutorial Program

Ski Addiction Membership vs. Freeskiing Tutorial Program 

  •  The Membership allows you to stream all of our videos while the Tutorial Program allows you to download and stream.  
  •  The Membership is charged yearly and updated regularly, while the Tutorial Program is a one time purchase

What you Get

  • An intro to jumping, grabbing, shifties, 180’s, 360’s, jibbing, boxes, rails & switch skiing
  • Advanced techniques: switch-ups, 270s into rails and boxes, switch spinning, backflips, frontflips, 540s & 720s
  • Purchase this digital product from anywhere in the world! (This product is not a DVD)
  • Stream/watch the tutorials on any device (phone, computer, tablet etc)
  • Download the tutorials to your computer & sync to a mobile device for offline viewing

The videos cover:

Balance & Edging Drills 

  • Catch & Release 
  • Popping Drill 
  • Power Plow 
  • Javelin Edging Drill 

Basics of Skiing Switch 

  • Proper Stance 
  • Progression 
  • Blind spots 

Basics of Jumping 

  • Speed Check 
  • Body Position 
  • Timing 
  • Push Yourself 

Popping and Ollying

  • The mechanics of popping and ollying
  • The progression from flat ground, to side hits, to park jumps

Shifties and Grabs

  • Covers basic grabs and shifties
  • Progression from flat ground to trampoline to on snow

Intro to Boxes & Rails 

  • Hitting your first box 
  • How your skis will handle 
  • Swivel & Jump turn 
  • Progressions to bigger features


    • Progressions 
    • How to set & spin 
    • How to spot your landing

    Switch 180s

    • Switch skiing
    • Approaching the jump
    • take off and landing 

    Intro to Urban Style Features 

    • Pre requisites 
    • How to get on 
    • Helpful techniques 

    Switch Ups on Boxes & Rails 

    • Pre requisites
    • Scissoring
    • Front side
    • Back side  


    • Expanding on the 180’s video
    • How to properly wind up
    • Proper timing
    • How to set up for a jump

    Switch 360s

    • Approaching the jump
    • Setting your rotation 
    • Vision 
    • Landing position 

    270s In 

    • Helpful tricks to do before 
    • Difference between 90 & 270 
    • Vision & Balance 
    • Scissoring & Gripping 

    270s into Rails & Boxes

    • Why switch 270s are easier to try first
    • How to line up the feature
    • How to fix common issues with 270s in


    • Everything you need to know about backflips on skis
    • A detailed breakdown of how learn the motion on tramplines & diving boards
    • How to pop from the lip
    • Where to spot your landing


    • Everything you need to know about frontflips on skis
    • A detailed breakdown of how learn the motion on tramplines & diving boards
    • How to pop from the lip
    • Where to spot your landing

    540s & 720s

    • Grabbing spins
    • Edging, wind up, popping & timing your spins
    • Landing 540s & 720s


      Riding by: Ahren Stein & friends
      Location: Whistler Blackcomb

      Format/Resolution: 720p HD resolution, .mp4 format opens with iTunes or most major media players.

      Note: The total size of the program to download is approximately 2GB, however it is not necessary to download it as you can stream it on any device at anytime.

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